Enhance Your Filmmaking with the SmallRig Follow Focus System and Camera Cages

Enhance Your Filmmaking with the SmallRig Follow Focus System and Camera Cages

Enhance Your Filmmaking with the SmallRig Follow Focus System and Camera Cages

Are you a filmmaker looking to take your craft to the next level? The SmallRig Follow Focus System combined with camera cages is a game-changer that will revolutionize your focus control and overall filmmaking experience.

SmallRig Follow Focus System: A Game-Changer for Filmmakers

The SmallRig Follow Focus System, exemplified by the Follow Focus F60 3850, is designed to provide precise focus control for professional-looking shots. Its advanced features and materials ensure durability and exceptional performance. With zero backlash and smooth focus tracking, you can achieve seamless focus pulls with ease.

Seamless Integration with Camera Cages

But why stop there? Combine the SmallRig Follow Focus System with a camera cage, and you’ll unlock a whole new level of stability and versatility. Camera cages, such as those offered by SmallRig, provide a secure hold for your camera while offering multiple mounting options for accessories like lights, monitors, and microphones. This combination allows you to create a customized setup that meets your unique filmmaking needs.

SmallRig FreeBlazer Heavy-Duty Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit AD-100 3989: Versatile Filmmaking Tool

Effortless Adjustments and Compact Design: The SmallRig FreeBlazer Tripod Kit offers easy and quick adjustments with its one-step locking system. Set the desired height ranging from 37″ to 78″ (94cm to 197cm) by locking two legs simultaneously. When folded, the tripod has a compact length of 39″ (99cm), making it convenient for transportation and storage.

Smooth Panning and Precise Control: Capture smooth and controlled panning movements with the adjustable step-less damping system. The tripod’s panning and tilting counterbalance system ensures precise control for cameras or rigs weighing up to 17.6lbs (8kg). Enjoy 360° horizontal and +90°/-60° vertical movements with ease.

Dual-Mode Quick-Release Plate Mount for Flexibility: Switch seamlessly between stabilizer shooting and tripod shooting with the dual-mode quick-release plate mount. Compatible with DJI RS 2, RS 3, RS 3 Pro quick release plates, as well as Manfrotto quick release plates, this feature provides versatility and flexibility for your filmmaking needs.

SmallRig’s commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in every product they create. They understand the unique challenges faced by filmmakers and strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance the creative process. When you choose SmallRig, you can trust that you’re investing in reliable and performance-driven equipment.

Elevate your filmmaking today with the SmallRig Follow Focus System and camera cages. Take control of your focus and unleash your creativity like never before. SmallRig is here to support your artistic vision and help you bring your stories to life.

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Hendrik Morella
July 2024